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March 3, 2015

International Shipping Available

Tom Stanek

Shredding scrap is a tough business  …wherever you are.  Quality wear parts are a common need whether you are in a big city, small country, up over, or down under.  That’s why international shipping is available from K2 Castings.  We handle door delivery in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, and much of the EU.  We also deliver to the major container port of your choice.

We work to be part of your wear parts options.  Most importantly, we work to be part of your shredding success.  Contact us for a quote today.

we ship internationally

January 8, 2015

How Many Ships At Sea?

Tom Stanek

The United States is the leading exporter of scrap metals in the world.  Barges leave the inland river system to get loaded in on ships at NOLA, tens of thousands of containers are loaded with recycled metals each day, and bulk ships of shred and HMS depart our ports.  That’s a lot of cargo.

How many ships are there at sea?  80,500 on the seas Jan 7, 2015.


snapshot of ships at sea on Jan 7, 2015.  image courtesy of MartinTraffic.om

snapshot of ships at sea on Jan 7, 2015. image courtesy of MartinTraffic.om

The number is for all types of commercial vessels, not just scrap carriers.  That a lot of traffic.  The information is provided by MarineTraffic.com.

October 3, 2014

Looking for Rebuilt Haaglunds Drive

Tom Stanek

We have a customer looking for a rebuilt Haaglunds MB 283 motor for immediate purchase.  Spline shaft type preferred, but a locking ring model will do.

Haaglunds Marathon Motor

Please contact us if you have one available.

September 30, 2014

Shipping Times Extended

Ben Guerrero

Shipping and transit times to North America have grown considerably over the past few months.  Container shipments to US ports per month were at an all time high in August 2014.  Depending on the destination, transit times have increased 4-5 weeks.

Products are leaving the foundry on time, but they are sitting at the docks 2 to 3 weeks at each end of the ocean journey.  Large scale congestion at USA and foreign ports is the result of several issues:

  • Labor slowdowns and anticipated labor actions have both slowed ship loading and unloading.  Labor issues at some Chinese ports slowed several weeks of deliveries.  At US ports, the promise of contentious labor talks had many ship early to avoid delays if talks bogged down.  Contract talks continue.
  • US Ports are facing longer times unloading the new class of ever larger vessels.  The delays are congesting already packed dock schedules.
  • A change in the truck chassis system in the USA has increased delays.  When carriers controlled container chassis, they provided one with each container pick up.  Carriers decided not long ago they didn’t want to own truck chassis, and the new system has them everywhere but where they need to be: at the port.  The result is long waits for a free chassis to pull containers from the yards, and a lack of driver hours to deal with the delays.
  • The surge in volume and the port delays has intermodal terminals and trucking capacity out of sync, causing further congestion.

Breaker 840011 End Roof Liner-PerspectiveThe bottom line:  Don’t get caught short on your wear parts.  Be sure to re-order as soon as you use your stock.  Do not delay purchases and give yourself more time for delivery.

July 30, 2014

K2 Castings Gets a New Look and a New Website

Tom Stanek

K2 Castings does much more than provide long wearing shredder wear parts. Ben Guerrero and I also provide yard owners and operators advice about how to improve shredder efficiencies – especially as yards move more non-ferrous.

We also project manage major shredder consulting projects – everything from overseeing multi-million dollar new construction projects to the installation of “mega class” shredders.

With this new website, you’ll learn how we can help you in all facets of your shredder operation.

Wear Parts – In this section you’ll find our full range of “runs tough, wears long” shredder parts – from hammers and pin protectors to grates and liners.

Consulting Services – To give you a better overview of how we can help improve your shredder efficiencies, we’ve included a project portfolio plus descriptions of our combined capabilities.

RFQ Form – Using our new request for quote form, you can upload a photo of your shredder wear part or you can send us your dimensions and then we’ll take it from there.

We’ve also updated our blog where you can find shredders for sale as well as shredder tips for getting more from your operation.

Take a look around and let us know what you think!

December 19, 2011

Holiday Season Ideas

Ben Guerrero

We thought we’d pass along some ideas a friend brought to our attention about the holiday season.

Too many kids toys from previous years? Try the following.

Check for children’s homes. Children’s homes (orphanages) will often accept used toys.  Help bring joy to these children in tough times.  The holidays can be especially difficult for them.

Take some toys to a shelter. Many shelters for homeless or abused women are open to accepting used toys.  This can also be a great “eye-opener” for kids to see those who are less fortunate and to give them the ability to help someone.

Local Charities. Although this method of giving may not be as exciting for the child, you can still make it fun by offering a reward of some sort for giving and also by explaining how the toys will help those in need.  A simple reward such as going to get ice cream or stopping at the park will go a long way with a child.  There are of course the additional tax benefits of donating to charities as well.

Donate to a hospital. Children that are fighting illness are always in need of something positive.  Be sure to check with the hospital first to see whether they accept used toys.

These are just some of the ways you can teach your kids the power of getting organized and gift giving all at the same time.  With such a bad economy and so many in need, there is really no excuse for keeping that 60-80% of clutter in your home whether it be your children’s or yours.  Free up space in your life by filling the space in someone’s heart.