Pin Protectors

Pin Protectors for every size shedder!

Because they crush and densify materials in the shredding chamber, Pin Protectors perform a similar role to hammers in the shredding chamber. No only do they shield hammer pins, they reduce wear and tear on rotor disks. Pin Protectors also add vital mass to the rotor to preserve kinetic energy input by the motor (sometimes thought of as the “flywheel effect”).

All K2 Casting Pin Protectors are cast in an ISO 9001 foundry from virgin materials with strict attention to detail. The result is a long-wearing, durable wear part that reduces casting-related downtime.

We have pin styles and sizes to fit all metal shredders. Don’t see what you need? Give us a call at 603-766-0423 or send us an email.

Shredder machine sizes

Pin Protectors

  • 60 inch
  • 80 inch
  • 88 inch
  • 98 inch
  • 120 inch


  • Flat side or centering boss
  • Outside and inside hook styles

Material Grade

  • Standard Manganese Steel

We Stand Behind Our Parts.

We Stand Behind Our Parts.

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