Consulting Services for Metal Shredding and Recycling Operators and Owners

K2 Castings’ experience and expertise goes far beyond simply delivering long-wearing cast wear parts. Our extensive knowledge base includes:

  • Bringing multi-million dollar recycling facilities online from concept to completion.
  • Installing shredding machines with your contractor or ours.
  • Improving existing shredding facilities to deliver more tons and better recoveries.
  • Developing and creating wear parts that help increase efficiencies, reduce machine downtime and lower costs.
  • Helping operators buy or sell shredder machines.

We take an entrepreneurial and creative approach and work with you to solutions to your metal shredding challenges. No one is better equipped to serve you than K2 Castings.


Whether you need more tons from your existing facility or you want to install a new shredder, we can help.


View our Projects and then put our expertise to work for you.

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