industrial recycling plant

Installation of complex systems for an industrial recycling plant by our sister company, Abby Industrial.

K2 Castings, and our sister company, Abby Industrial, provide a full range of consulting and Owner’s Project Management services for shredder yards and industrial recycling plants across the United States.

Efficiences consulting

Whether you need help improving tons out, shredder maintenance advice,  or choosing a new shredder for your facility, we can help.

And, because we’re a wear parts supplier, versus an OEM, we can recommend which wear parts are best for just about any industrial metal shredder on the market today. (In fact, shredder OEMs rely on us to supply wear parts to their customers.)

Machinery installation

Save time, money, and eliminate cost over-runs due to design errors. We oversee the installation of shredder machinery, non-ferrous separation systems, and other ferrous processing machines. We can also help you relocate or renovate existing equipment. See our sister website Abby Industrial for details.

Industrial and commercial projects

From air scrubber systems to storm water treatment systems, our portfolio includes complex, high-profile industrial construction and capital equipment installation projects with budgets in the tens of millions of dollars.

Global companies such as Schnitzer rely on Abby Industrial for when they want their industrial construction projects brought in on time and on budget.

View our full Owners Project Management services.