K2 Castings Featured in Metals Recycling Magazine

Tom Stanek
August 24, 2023

metals recycling coverReaders of this blog know we’re advocates for regular shredder maintenance. In the July/August issue of Metals Recycling, Ken McEntee interviews several people in the industry about this very topic.

In his well-researched piece, “Wear Parts Awareness,” McEntee discusses what are wear parts, product improvements over the last 15 or so years, and why inspection and maintenance are essential. He also covers buying wear parts (know your vendor!) as well as last year’s tariff exclusion on shredder parts from China.

But, back to shredder maintenance. As quoted in McEntee’s piece, shredder operators run wear parts as long as possible — which reduces shredder efficiencies and profitability.

My advice that I share with readers: “set your benchmarks for shred density, metals recovery rates and ferrous tons per hour. Schedule your maintenance to stay within those limits.”

You can find the July/August issue at the Metals Recycling website. You can also subscribe to print issue, which is free!

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Tom Stanek

The founder and president of K2 Castings, and a U.S. Coast Guard veteran, Tom brings over 20 years of experience helping large and small shredding companies increase revenues while reducing costs.

Ben Guerrero

With over 40 years experience in the metal shredding industry, Ben has a deep knowledge of all aspects of shredding operations.