Holiday Season Ideas

Ben Guerrero
December 19, 2011

We thought we’d pass along some ideas a friend brought to our attention about the holiday season.

Too many kids toys from previous years? Try the following.

Check for children’s homes. Children’s homes (orphanages) will often accept used toys.  Help bring joy to these children in tough times.  The holidays can be especially difficult for them.

Take some toys to a shelter. Many shelters for homeless or abused women are open to accepting used toys.  This can also be a great “eye-opener” for kids to see those who are less fortunate and to give them the ability to help someone.

Local Charities. Although this method of giving may not be as exciting for the child, you can still make it fun by offering a reward of some sort for giving and also by explaining how the toys will help those in need.  A simple reward such as going to get ice cream or stopping at the park will go a long way with a child.  There are of course the additional tax benefits of donating to charities as well.

Donate to a hospital. Children that are fighting illness are always in need of something positive.  Be sure to check with the hospital first to see whether they accept used toys.

These are just some of the ways you can teach your kids the power of getting organized and gift giving all at the same time.  With such a bad economy and so many in need, there is really no excuse for keeping that 60-80% of clutter in your home whether it be your children’s or yours.  Free up space in your life by filling the space in someone’s heart.


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