Materials Used in K2 Castings Wear Parts

K2 Castings wear parts are cast at an ISO 9001 foundry with strict attention to detail, quality and consistency. We’ve developed and tested our proprietary heat treat cycle and metallurgy for shredder parts that run tough and wear long.

Our material grades include:

  • Standard Manganese Steel – Cast from high-grade virgin manganese steel with proper hardening alloys.
  • Mega Duty Manganese – As with our Standard Manganese Steel wear parts, Mega Duty Manganese parts are cast from high-grade materials but with additional hardening alloys and modified heat treatment.
  • Low Alloy Steel – Alloy hammers deliver a higher wear rate and are ideal for operations that do not  run a steady diet of autos and heavier scrap.
  • Differential Heat Treat Alloy Steel – Quality metallurgy, strict attention to quality control, including ultrasonic testing, and a specialized heat treatment produce a high-performance hammer or wear part for many applications.