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July 18, 2012

Market Slowdowns Present Shredder Maintenance Opportunities

Tom Stanek

As we see markets and scrap flow drop, now is a great time to perform the maintenance you don’t normally get a chance to cover as thoroughly.

Feed Rolls

Time to get them cleaned up. Cut all the extra scrap accumulations away from the side to prevent bearing damage. Once they are cleaned it is a good time to check for cracks around the shaft.  Build up roller edges. Consider K2 Weld On Feeder Teeth to restore edges and ability to efficiency grab and grip feedstock.

Grate Supports

For those shredders with welded-in side liner grate supports, now is a good time to pull the grates and check for cracks in the welds to the side walls. Also, build up the supports to make sure your grates fit correctly. Too much of a gap and the grates will bounce during production and cause them to break or warp.

Shredder Box

Pressure wash it down inside and out. Then check for cracks in the housing. Replace any loose liner bolts which cannot be tightened.  Be sure to check your hinge pin bushings, pin, etc. Don’t forget to check your safety retainer pin holes and pins themselves to make sure they are not too worn. You want a snug fit.


Schedule a vac and clean for your switchgear, infrared scans for possible problem spots.  Drain and clean you liquid rheostat tank if you got one.  Wash down air coolers.  Change air filter media.

In Feed Conveyor

Check your upper drive sprockets and replace any missing or worn segments. Look at the reverse side of your flights for wear from the rails it rides on. If you see some deep gouges on the back of the flights, it is a sign it is time to replace the rails.  Clear out scrap caught up in the chain and finally take the slack out of that sagging chain.

Wear Parts

Clean up and consolidate your parts inventory.  Find a way to work in parts with a bit a life left in them.  Adjust your order times, but don’t hold back too long.  As soon as it gets busy, everyone orders.  Be on the front end of that upswing.  Order earlier enough!

These are just a few of the things you can check. A little fresh paint will also do the shredder good. 

May 3, 2010

Weld on Teeth for Your Feeder

Tom Stanek

K2 Castings’ wear parts line includes weld on teeth for your scrap metal shredder’s double feed roll (DFR). 

Maintain a good tooth profile on your DFR rolls to keep your feeder effective and productivity up.  Bars and AR Plate teeth work fine, but the edges wear down faster than you’d like.  Our weld on teeth provide a strong stable profile.  Once welded in place, you can add easily replaceable standard square stock to the tip so you can maintain sharp edges. 

The profile and edges keep tin and logs moving in, and help hold auto bodies and long stock for a controlled feed into your shredder. Try our DFR teeth. You’ll notice the difference. Contact us today.