Scrap Yard Holiday Shutdown

Tom Stanek
December 19, 2011

It is the holiday season!  We at K2 Castings wish your team the best. To ensure a safe and happy holiday season, take a few steps to prepare for extended shutdown at your yard.

  • Lock down and secure for fuel tanks, equipment, and metals storage.  Check your perimeter fencing and gates.
  • Ship out shredder fluff and leave an empty bin.
  • If eliminating the fluff pile is not an option, wet them down.
  • Park mobile equipment  away from potential fire hazards.
  • Have nothing stacked against your infeed conveyor.
  • Empty out waste oil, and other potential flammable items.
  • Run a quick check of the shop and vital areas for potential problems. Make your checks early in the day or week, so corrections can happen before shutdown.

Don’t forget some basic home safety tips that apply to office Christmas decorations as well.

  • Fire Safety.Remember to follow a few simple rules to prevent fires at your home over the holidays.
  • Do not plug too many things in to one outlet and risk an electrical fire. If you trip a breaker, there is a reason why.
  • If using a fresh tree, make sure it is kept watered the entire season. Be sure to take it down as soon as possible after the holiday season is over. Many countries have “Boxing Day” the day after Christmas for a reason.
  • Make sure you have a small multi use rated fire extinguisher on each level of your home and in the garage.
  • Do not use electrical cords which have been damaged.
  • Always turn off all tree lights when no one is home or when going to bed.
  • Get rid of wrapping paper and any other potential fire hazards as soon as possible.

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Tom Stanek

The founder and president of K2 Castings, and a U.S. Coast Guard veteran, Tom brings over 20 years of experience helping large and small shredding companies increase revenues while reducing costs.

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