How Many Shredders in the US & Canada?

Ben Guerrero
November 3, 2014

How many shredders are out there?  It is important to know, but not easy to measure.  It’s a full time job to keep an accurate census of mills engaged in scrap metal shredding.  Three publications that cover the industry each publish bi-annual lists.  They are a snapshot in time and each has a certain method to their data collection.  Count them how you like, it is the best public info available.

Source                                                USA     USA, Canada  Mexico       Year

Scrap Magazine                                312                         356                     2014

Recycling Today                               297                         325                      2014

American Metal Market                  287                                                      2014

Average USA count:                        299                         340 

The publications compile the lists differently.   Some count idled capacity, some are missed, and some have been removed.   Scrap Magazine for 2014 lists 312 mills in the USA, 28 in Canada and 16 in Mexico.  Recycling Today lists 297 shredders in the USA and 325 for all of North America, a drop of 14% from 2 years ago.




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