Organize Your Wear Parts Storage Area

Ben Guerrero
August 1, 2012
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Wear Parts Inventory

Ever have a liner break before its normal replacement time?  Then when you go to replace it you don’t have a spare?  It happens from time to time.  First, it’s best to use K2 Castings shredder wear liners, second don’t wear your liners too thin, third, replace loose liner bolts, and fourth, keep your storage area organized so everyone has a clear view of what’s on hand and where to find it.

Here are some quick tips on keeping your shredder wear parts inventory working to your advantage.

  1.  Create a listing of all the wear parts required and quantities on hand to get an accurate starting point. Every time maintenance is performed make sure to record the parts used and deduct it from the original total. It is a simple concept, but very hard to stay consistent.  Monthly inventory counts help you avoid surprises.
  2. Organize the spare parts area for clear viewing and easy counts.  Burying parts on top of one another will make inventory checks difficult.  Try to keep your storage area away from the shredder.  Sometimes scrap and debris which can cover your parts if they are stored too close to the shredding process.
  3. If you have the room, designate a spot for each part and paint the part number on the pavement. This will aid in keeping track by having a visual reference when a part has been used. If you are fortunate to have a building for your parts, you can line them up and hang placards with the part numbers on the wall.
  4.  Keep used parts in completely different areas to avoid parts confusion. If you are using worn hammers as back ups or pin protectors, weigh and mark them, then stack them on a pallet for easy access.
  5.  Keep parts rotated using the oldest parts first (FIFO) to keep your wear parts within your replacement warranty time limits. Parts have heat numbers which the foundries keep on file in case there is a possible casting problem.

Easy to count and access inventory

Hope this helps with some simple ideas to keep from getting caught short.

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