ISRI Safety Stand Down Day

Ben Guerrero
October 13, 2014

Our industry association ISRI is calling for all scrap processors to join a major evolution on October 15th:  Safety Stand Down Day.  In the wake of a tragic stretch of injuries in the scrap processing industry, ISRI is urging all firms to demonstrate their commitment to safety in the workplace by taking at least 1 hour during each shift to engage in safety awareness training.

Why should you do this?

  • A stand down is meant to be a major statement to all to call attention to the seriousness of the situation and demonstrate your commitment to safety and safe procedures.
  • You must show commitment from the top.  Emphasize how the company, managers, and employees will take safe operations to the next level.
  • Many well run and well intentioned processors have had serious incidents recently resulting in fatality or major injury.  It could happen anywhere.  You are not exempt.

At a recent ISRI Chapter meeting President Doug Kramer and Executive Director Robin Weiner addressed their concern for 16 fatalities in the scrap processing industry this year.  Analysis supports all could have been prevented by emphasizing employees to follow safety procedures such as lock out tag out, seat belt use, or confined space entry.  Their message: common sense is the key to the success of any safety program not only from employees, but also from the people who supervise them.

Take ISRI up on its leadership to make a loud safety statement October 15, 2015.  ISRI is offering several training guides for use on October 15th should you need them.  Check them out here.


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