K2 Casting Consulting Services run the full gamut – from project managing the building of multi-million dollar scrap processing facilities to machinery installation.

Our extensive project consulting capabilities include:

Start-to-finish project management

We oversee all aspects of your project – whether local, national or international. All aspects of the project fall under our preview, including:

  • Hiring design and construction firms
  • Negotiating equipment purchases
  • Overseeing all infrastructure builds: electrical and power generation, utilities, warehouse, office buildings, storm water collection systems
  • Machinery installation, renovation and removal
  • Construction management
  • Cost management

Project consulting

We can help you define your project and assist with your developmental and planning phases.

Machinery installation

We oversee the installation of shredder machinery, non-ferrous separation systems, and other ferrous processing machines. Call us about the relocating or renovating existing equipment.

Industrial and commercial projects

Our experience includes a full portfolio of complex, high-profile construction, demolition, and capital equipment installation projects with budgets in the tens of millions of dollars.

Be sure to see our sister website, Abby Industrial, which details our full Owners Project Management services.


Whether you need more tons from your existing facility or you want to install a new shredder, we can help.


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