Wear Hammers: Weight Efficient

Delivering performance and efficiency

Weight Efficient HammerK2 Castings Weight Efficient hammers differ from our Bell-shaped and Standard hammers in that they have less casting weight in the part of the hammer that would normally be thrown away.

Weight Efficient hammers aren’t created equal. The geometry must allow scrap intake into the mill and compliment feeding. Stresses at the top of the hammer are greater, requiring precise metallurgy and alloys to limit stretching and delivery performance. Virgin steel making materials and high-quality control make the K2 Weight Efficient Hammer a winner.

Low Alloy Steel hammers often deliver a lower cost per ton than manganese hammers. Your feedstock may prove to favor alloy wear rates and drive your costs lower. Our standard alloy hammer has proven itself a year round work-horse, holding up to warm climate and cold northern winters when others have failed.

Whether you’re shredding scrap metal, municipal waste, or reducing MSW pre- or post- incineration, our DHT alloy lives up to the K2 tradition… runs tough, wears long.

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Shredder machine sizes

  • 60 inch
  • 1.75 meter
  • 76 inch
  • 80 inch
  • 88 inch
  • 98 inch
  • 2.7 meter mega
  • 122 inch mega
  • 124 inch mega

Lifting Hook Styles

  • Front Hook
  • Side Hook
  • Inside Hook

Material Grade

  • Standard Manganese Steel
  • Mega Duty Manganese
  • Low Allow Steel
  • Differential  Heat Treat (DHT) Alloy Steel

We Stand Behind Our Parts.

We Stand Behind Our Parts.

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