Hammers: Light Iron / Sheet Metal

For punishing bales many operations must process

Light Iron HammerUsing a shape more favored by those shredding light iron and bundles, these wide bell notched hammers help continued draw of light stock while proving the forgiving durability a manganese hammer affords.

Low Alloy Steel hammers provide longer life and often better value for operations that don’t run a steady diet of autos and heavier scrap that work hardens manganese hammers.

Our DHT Low Alloy Steel hammers offer hardness at the working end and less hardness around the hammer’s pin hole. The compromise provides for less wear on hammer pins.

Whether you’re shredding tin, iron or aluminum, we can help you choose the right hammer for any size shredder. Don’t see what you need? Give us a call at 603-766-0423 or send us an email.

Shredder sizes

  • 60 inch
  • 1.75 meter
  • 76 inch
  • 80 inch
  • 88 inch
  • 2.7 inch
  • 2.7 meter mega
  • 122 inch mega
  • 124 inch mega

Lifting Hook Styles

  • Front Hook
  • Side Hook
  • Inside Hook

Material Grade

  • Standard Manganese Steel
  • Mega Duty Manganese
  • Low Allow Steel
  • Differential Heat Treat (DHT) Alloy Steel

We Stand Behind Our Parts.

We Stand Behind Our Parts.

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